3D Breast Biopsy

Women are demanding 3D Mammography and UMS now brings this latest technology to you.

New for 2016: Mobile Prone 3D Breast Biopsy

UMS is excited to announce the launch of our Mobile Prone 3D Breast Biopsy service to complement our Women’s Health Breast Biopsy program.

For those looking to offer 3D Prone Breast Biopsy but cannot support a stationary unit, our customized mobile coach is equipped with the Hologic® Affirm Prone Biopsy System.


  • Offer the clinical benefits of 3D Breast Biopsy to your patients without incurring the capital expense and costly service/maintenance contracts associated with ownership.
  • Staffed by our highly skilled Breast Biopsy Specialist
  • Mobile 3D Breast Biopsy is a great option for your regional affiliated locations

If you already own a 3D Hologic® mammography unit, we can bring the Affirm attachment to your facility as part of our total biopsy program.