We deliver a powerful lithotripsy system to effectively treat kidney and ureteral stones faster with less pain for patients


The UMS in-house Lithotripsy Program provides Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL); a highly effective, non-invasive alternative to surgical removal of kidney and ureteral stones. Our turnkey model includes advanced equipment with dual-imaging capabilities (fluoroscopy and ultrasound), highly trained technologists and on-site support. Since pioneering the model in 1996, UMS is one of the largest shared mobile lithotripsy providers and has performed over 350,000 procedures with our premier services.

We deliver everything needed into your facility: Wolf Triple Focus or Dornier Compact Delta lithotripter, dual imaging (in-line ultrasound, and C-Arm) and multifunction treatment table, along with set up and calibration by a trained support engineer and an experienced Renal Lithotripsy Specialist RT(R) to assist the Urologist.

  • Simultaneous dual imaging modalities—Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound – provides the capability to image all stones regardless of chemical composition or location.
  • Maneuverable therapy head increases rate of localizing stones and can treat patients of all sizes in a supine position
  • In-line ultrasound allows real-time monitoring of stones, thereby reducing treatment time and eliminating radiation exposure
  • Adjustable speed (1-4 Hz) provides the ability to increase the shock rate. This decreases the treatment time, OR time and post-anesthesia costs
  • Adaptable focal size ensures only the stone is being treated to provide a less painful procedure
  • Patients only need conscious sedation vs. general anesthesia

lithotripsy1Our concept of providing superior value and turnkey solutions is a winning formula. Significant cost advantages include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • No capital outlay or additional personnel
  • No idle equipment or maintenance contracts
  • Fee-for-service basis
  • Partnership and joint venture opportunities available