United Medical Systems Acquires USMD Holding Inc.’s Lithotripsy Division

Westborough, MA – December 28, 2015 – United Medical Systems (UMS) together with their parent, New State Capital Partners, announce they have acquired US Lithotripsy, LP and its affiliates from USMD Health Systems of Irving, Texas.  US Lithotripsy adds more than 100 hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and other sites of service in the southwestern United States to UMS’ mobile lithotripsy customer base. The majority of these facilities are based in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. US Lithotripsy performs over 12,000 ESWL procedures annually.  “By adding US Lithotripsy, UMS is geographically broadening our mobile urological service,” said Jorgen Madsen, President and Chief Executive Officer, UMS. “We view this opportunity to expand our lithotripsy business as an important part of our commitment to continually offer our customers increased access to superior technology. The acquisition of the US Lithotripsy division brings our mission to achieve a nationwide footprint for our transportable medical services a lot closer to completion. We are excited to welcome US Lithotripsy to our family.”