United Medical Systems invests in AKSM, LTD

Westborough, MA – May 9, 2017 – United Medical Systems (DE), Inc. (UMS) together with its parent, New State Capital Partners, LLC, announce they have invested in American Kidney Stone Management, LTD (AKSM) of Columbus, Ohio.

The partnership with AKSM establishes UMS as the leading national provider of ESWL service with more than 75,000 procedures performed annually.

“We are excited to continue working towards our goal of building a national urology services company and feel the merger of these two leading ESWL providers is the optimal way to increase the support of our urology partners. By increasing access to superior technology, we are providing the best kidney stone management available in the market,” said Jorgen Madsen, UMS Chief Executive Officer. “The blending of these two industry leading lithotripsy companies will take the process of kidney stone care to a new level. With the expertise of our clinical specialists and urology partners, we will ensure that our customers receive the highest level of care available in the market today.

Alan Buergenthal, AKSM Chief Executive Officer, added, “The timing of this transaction with UMS couldn’t be better. We are proud to combine our expertise with UMS’ to offer the latest technology to our physician partners, and together, we can provide urology patients the best urological care available in the market.  The combination of these two industry leaders will be unsurpassed.”

About United Medical Systems (DE), Inc. • Website: www.ums-usa.com
UMS provides affordable, advanced mobile medical services. Their unique transportable platform offers the appearance of a full-time, in-house program, without incurring the cost and burden associated with a fixed program. United Medical Systems pioneered the concept of shared mobile medical services for Urology, including Lithotripsy, BPH and ureteral stone laser treatment, MR/Fusion for prostate biopsy, and Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, and has become an international leader by partnering with medical facilities ranging from hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices to medical equipment manufacturers. UMS is an internationally recognized company servicing over 850 facilities across the United States, as well as operating in Canada and South America.

About American Kidney Stone Management, LTD • Website: www.aksm.com
AKSM has over two decades of experience providing lithotripsy services to approximately 1,500 physicians in the United States through its urologist ownership program. Founded in Columbus Ohio, AKSM has grown to be one of the most trusted providers by providing the highest clinical quality and reliable service in kidney stone lithotripsy and other related treatment modalities.  AKSM’s turnkey package brings management expertise, financial stability, industry leading technology and procedural outcomes monitoring to its physicians and customers.

About New State Capital Partners, LLC • Website: www.newstatecp.com
New State Capital Partners, LLC is an entrepreneurial-minded private equity firm that strives to be more nimble, more decisive and more cooperative than larger, institutional firms. New State prides itself on a long-term outlook, approaching each potential investment as an opportunity to create lasting and valuable relationships, rather than as an exercise in meeting rigid investing criteria. The firm is very flexible about the structure of its investment and focuses on growth and add-on investment. New State invests in market-leading companies with $8 million to $30 million of EBITDA in the areas of business services, healthcare services and industrials, and has in excess of $370 million in assets under management.