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United Medical Systems was awarded Advanced Lithotripsy & Laser Certifications from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation (HFAP), a nationally recognized accreditation organization with authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). UMS earned these prestigious distinctions after HFAP conducted extensive and objective reviews of our high quality patient care and safety standards. The HFAP found UMS has the expertise to administer safe and effective treatments in the areas of Kidney Stone Lithotripsy and Urological Laser procedures.

“This certification signifies that United Medical Systems clearly demonstrates its commitment to providing excellent specialty care to its patients,” said Lawrence Haspel, DO Chairman of the Bureau of Healthcare Facilities Accreditation for the HFAP. “Organizations that have undergone Advanced Lithotripsy & Laser Certifications prove they have superior infrastructure and protocols in place and are able to demonstrate rigorous internal auditing processes that enable continuous improvement and excellence in clinical practice.”

“In awarding us Advanced Lithotripsy / Laser Certifications, UMS is now setting the industry standard,” said Jorgen Madsen, President and Chief Executive Officer, UMS. “We are proud to achieve these prestigious and respected HFAP Advanced Lithotripsy & Laser Certifications. Our staff has worked tirelessly to achieve this accreditation and it reflects our dedication to excellent patient care and service.”

The HFAP began certifying Lithotripsy and Laser organizations in 2016 and currently offers the only industry specific certification for the Lithotripsy and Laser modalities. In order to achieve these exclusive certifications, UMS had to meet the following standards:

Advanced Lithotripsy / Laser Certification:

  • Organization must have extensive experience in Lithotripsy / Laser
  • Effective governance structure in place
  • Thorough contract management processes that involve risk assessments
  • Program designed by clinicians and technologists with expertise in Lithotripsy / Laser
  • Participation in performance measurement and analysis of treatment outcomes
  • Have designated and qualified Radiation / Laser Safety Officer (RSO/LSO)
  • On-going comprehensive Health and Safety program for all staff
  • Conduct internal audits for continuous growth and development
  • Staff must meet licensing and educational requirements