UMS now delivers the latest cutting edge prostate biopsy option with 3D MR/Ultrasound Fusion Technology

Targeted MR/US Fusion biopsy is poised to become the procedure of choice in the detection and management of prostate cancer. Conventional TRUS prostate biopsy techniques are referred to as “blind” biopsies since physicians typically cannot often see the specific location of any abnormal tissue. The alternative is MR Fusion targeted biopsy – pre-exam MRI prostate images, fused with real-time ultrasound images, create 3D high-definition color images for the physician to accurately target any visible lesions during the biopsy.

Combination of the Eigen Artemis 3D Navigation System, Hitachi Noblus Ultrasound, and the imaging expertise of our UMS Technologist provide a highly accurate method for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of prostate cancer.

The UMS difference:

  • Revolutionary prostate imaging technology brought into your facility
  • Optimize benefits of combined MRI & ultrasound imaging
  • New level of accuracy to template and target lesions
  • View 3D image of prostate lesions in real-time while performing biopsy
  • Diagnose patients with unexplained high and rising PSAs and/or abnormal DRE
  • Semi-Robotic arm assures accurate image reproduction minimizing prostate deformation
  • Highly skilled UMS technologist, proficient in prostate imaging, accompanies every system and assists physician
  • Flexible scheduling with mobile access
  • No capital expenditures
  • Partnership opportunities